Sunday, October 09, 2011

My Wandering Path

I began this third edit when I was taking care of Blue.  This edit has taken me on a wondering path, and at times the path has felt uphill and the end was off in the distance. This photo seems to exemplify that.

I would like to think the end is in sight, but I have no idea when it will come.  I am diligently working on this draft and much has been accomplished.  The Introduction has become the first chapter and I need to write a new Introduction.  I have cut 25,000 words.  Chapter after chapter lay in the waste.  I love my words--don't all writers?--but these words needed to go and the book is improved by it.  Oh, and the end will have be rewritten.

I have finished entering all these red-ink edits into the computer.  It's time to print out another edited version, and start again.  I just seem to work better using hard copy.  I still have a goal of having it ready for a publisher or to self publish by the first of the year.

For today, I'm celebrating having cut 25,000 words.  It's down to 120,000 words.  Now maybe I can cut another 5-10,000.  Dare I dream of 20,000?

Blessings to all who continue to hold me, and this book, in their thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Commute

I have been commuting for almost two weeks now and was surprised to realize I was indeed, commuting.  I have been working on the major rewrite of my book.  This is the third, and final, draft. (That doesn't mean I'm not willing to do another draft, I just feel when I am finished with this one, it will be ready.) 
I am living with friends in Sherman Oaks.  I like to go down to the Palisades to work.  First at a Starbucks and then move over to the library when it opens.  This requires a commute.  On work days, I get up and go off to write/edit.  I have tried various times--7:30, 8:30, 9:30.  The commute can still be terrific--45-55, even 65 minutes.  A normal drive would be 35.
Knowing I was going to post this blog, I tried to get a picture of my commute, but the pics I got don't do justice to what it's like.
This blog is not meant to be a complaint, but a simply sharing of my current life.  I don't have any anxiety over the commute as I am always on the way to the work I LOVE.   I often listen to a book on drive, but most of all I am just thankful--I am living the life I love.  How wonderful is that!

Blessings to all. 

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Something New, something Blue

Since returning from my visit back to the Midwest, I have been house-sitting.  Something new for me is the responsibility to walk the dog twice a day.  Most days we walk along this trail.  These photos are taken in the early morning before the marine layer and fog has burned off.   On average we take a 30 minute walk.  Yep, me exercising--twice a day!  That certainly is something new for me.  And the dog's name is Blue.  He's just about the coolest dog ever!

As to the rest of my life, the third and the final draft of my book has commenced.  I haven't got to the tough part yet but I have skimmed off a 1,000 words.

This housesit is complete next Tuesday and I'll linger here in the Monterey area for a couple more days before traveling up the Marysville to visit friends.

 Blessings to all!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Journey Continues

Quail Springs - Joshua Tree National Park

A few weeks ago I proudly announced I had finished the second draft of my book.  Some 300+ pages and 145,000.  I think I may have announced I wanted to cut 30,000-40,000 words from the text.  Since then I had a interesting discussion with God.  These occurred over three days and were like none other I had experienced.  The bottom line of which is the book needs a major re-write.  That's how God describes it to me.  Seems He didn't like the description of a vicious or drastic edit.  A major re-write somehow sounds better.
And while I like to think I have a very good connection with the Divine, it seems I am not fully prepared for this work.  I have been spending time becoming even more centered, more grounded and more connected.  I even got up the other day before dawn and went off to the park.  After sunrise, I spent a few minutes writing here in Quail Springs.   What a beautiful place!  As this is the desert it is best to visit in early morning.
Those who have never written a book have been amazed by the process, as I have been.  All I can say, is the journey continues.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Finished!

I am happy to announce I have finished the 2nd draft of my book.  I finished editing everything I had written and printed while in Santa Rosa in early June.  I knew there was to be one final chapter which would include real life writings.  Frankly I liked how the previous chapter had ended and did not see the need for this chapter.  Yet I went along with God's plan, and selected several writings, including one narrative about an event I was both embarrassed and humiliated by as well as I writing I simply didn't want used.

I finished the last chapter about a week ago and have just been soaking that in.  It's a marvelous feeling.  So at present the chapter stands at 40 pages with the book finishing up at 340 pages and 145,000 words.  Oh, and the writing I didn't want used didn't get used.  The last words of the book were God's:

So I say onto you, as I say onto my people:
Judge yourself less, love yourself more.

Isn't this photo stunning?  It's called Blue Sky and was taken in Scotland by Bill Lockhart.  You can find other stunning photos and his blog at  I have permission to use this photo on the cover of the book.  

The book is now officially titled Reality Spirituality and I am leaning more and more towards the idea of self publishing.  So the next step in the process is the 3rd draft, I would like to carve 30-40,000 words from it. I would then like to send it off to a professional editor who charges $250-300 per 20,000 words. (A great motivation to cut words.)

Meanwhile I continue to work part time/full time as a housesitter.  In May I had a marvelous time sitting with a couple of dogs near Sacramento and am presently sitting with three dogs near Joshua Tree National Park.  It's very hot here, over 100 most days, but the swampcooler keeps the place cool.  Oh and they have HBO and I am able to see TrueBlood.  What's not to love?

I finish here in August with enough time to make it back to Iowa for my family reunion and I hope to make it over to Illinois to visit family and friends.  It's a quick 10 day trip and then I commence another housesit up near Carmel, California.

The journey continues . . . . Life is Wonderful!